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Dr. Georg Leitl

Dr. Georg Leitl is a consulting heart specialist at Mercy Private Hospital in East Melbourne. Dr. Leitl is a widely recognized Australian cardiologist, who provides services for patients Victoria wide. We are fortunate enough to have Dr. Leitl visit the Swan Hill Medical Group once every two months.

A current referral is necessary for appointments with Dr. Leitl. Bookings can be made by phoning his rooms in East Melbourne, on the following numbers.

Phone: (03) 9417 3076.
Fax: (03) 9419 4447. 

New Patient: $220 (rebatable).
Review Patient: $110 (rebatable).

Dr. Bala Saravanasubramanian

Dr. Bala is a cardiologist (heart specialist) currently consulting with Bendigo Health and St. John of God. Dr. Bala recognized  Swan Hill's need for a visiting cardiologist and visits our rooms every two months. 

A current referral is necessary for appointments with Dr. Bala. Bookings can be made through St. John of God, Bendigo through the following numbers.

Phone: (03) 5444 4648
Fax: (03) 5444 5658

New Patient (Private) $219.10 - Rebate $128.30
Review Patient (Private) $ 121.20 - Rebate $64.20
New Patient (On Pension) $177.90 - Rebate $128.30
Review Patient (On Pension) $95 - Rebate $64.20

Dr. Georg Leitl
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