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Detailed below is the code of behaviour for patients, their families/friends and members of the public, to adhere to:


Occupational violence and aggression are OH&S hazards.


Workers of SHMG have the right to be treated with respect.


Zero tolerance of occupational aggression and violence is vital in providing a safe and healthy working environment


Aggressive and violent behaviour toward any worker is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.


Occupational violence and aggression includes any incident in which a worker is threatened, abused or assaulted in circumstances arising out of, or during the course of, their work and includes:


  • Threats or other intimidating behaviours that causes a person to believe they are in danger of being physically attacked. It may involve an actual or implied threat to safety, health or wellbeing.

  • Verbal, physical or psychological abuse.

  • Physical attack, such as pushing, shoving, tripping, grabbing, hitting, pinching, scratching, kicking, biting, spitting or any other type of direct physical contact.

  • Aggravated assault, such as attacking with a weapon (knives, guns, clubs) or any other type of weapon (thrown object, furniture etc)

  • Sexual harassment and sexual assault.


SHMG will not tolerate violence and aggression from:

  • Patients

  • Families and friends of patients

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