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Electronic Prescriptions

Changes have been made to Commonwealth legislation to recognise an electronic prescription as a legal form to allow medicine supply. This provides prescribers and patients with an alternative to paper prescriptions. Paper prescriptions will still be available.

Electronic prescriptions will not fundamentally change existing prescribing and dispensing processes. It provides patients with greater choice and patients can still choose which pharmacy they attend to fill their prescription.


  • Let the reception staff know how you’d prefer to receive your scripts via SMS or email 

  • Ask your Doctor for an electronic prescription during your consultation

  • You will receive a ‘Token’ that you can either SMS or email

               ~ SMS your ‘Token’ to 0497 80 10 90     OR

               ~ email your ‘Token’ to

  • You will then be sent an email OR SMS with instructions on how to send to your prescription to your chosen pharmacy (not all pharmacies are participating)

  •  Follow the instructions & nominate your collection time.

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