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Eligibility for funded flu vaccine

If you are:-

  • aged over 65,

  • are Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander over 6 months,

  • a pregnant woman, or

  • a person with a chronic health condition


you are entitled to a free vaccine which is funded by the Government.

Vaccine information - over 65's
There are 2 types of Flu vaccines available to people who are over the age of 65 on the market.


The first is Fluad and it is a trivalent enhanced immunisation, recommended for people over the age of 65.  The government has funded this vaccine which Swan hill Medical Group will provide free for all those over 65 wanting to be immunised.

It has an adjuvant which increases the uptake by the immune system of those receiving it. 


It is at its optimum effect for the first four months after receiving it.


Fluzone High Dose

The other product that has been available for patients over the age of 65 is called Fluzone High Dose


It is not the recommended product for the over 65's and is therefore not the free government funded product.  This will not be available at the Swan Hill Medical Group as part of our immunisation programme.

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